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Attention: It's worth booking early - the earlier you book, the bigger is your price advantage! The time slot displayed only specifies the admission time, not the length of stay. If you cannot choose a date, it is sold out.

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After purchase you will receive your tickets by e-mail (can be presented digitally). The tickets are only valid on the selected date. Admission is only possible together with the other tickets of the booking. Booked tickets are excluded from cancellation and/or exchange. Resale of booked tickets is prohibited.

With combined day tickets, Zoo and Aquarium Berlin must be visited on the same day and the site may not be left in the meantime. Please note that there may be waiting times when entering the Aquarium. Regular day tickets for the Zoo are available here, for the Aquarium here.

Schools and nurseries are entitled to special conditions. The corresponding tickets are only available at the on-site ticket booths. You can find further information here.

Please find further information on the conservation contribution here. The contribution is optional and can be deselected in the cart.

Children under 12 years of age and any visitors who lack the necessary maturity or require permanent supervision due to a mental and/or physical condition must be accompanied and supervised on the premises at all times by an adult chaperone.

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